Portable Toilets

Whether it’s a party, event, family reunion, wedding, or a job site, we have you covered.  You can choose portable toilets from basic porta potties all the way up to our luxury restroom trailers with multiple stations and hot & cold water.

We also provide units for special needs such as senior guests or those needing a wheel-chair accessible unit.    In addition, we provide hand wash stations for your dinner events.

Please feel free to reach out and discuss the variety of options available.

Portable Toilet Styles

It’s safe to say that Portable Toilets come in many shapes & sizes as well as amenities today.   You no longer have to settle for the basic blue stand-alone unit and can choose from a myriad of options.   Here’s just a few options in the stand-lone styles:

Basic Stand-alone

This is the model you most likely see at summer festivals, concerts, or a weekend open house.   It’s functional and nature will call upon your guests.

Stand-alone with Sink

This is the same basic stand-alone model you’ll see but adds a hand washing sink with soap dispenser.  Great option for events serving food or lasting for more than a few hours.

Stand-alone with Baby Changing Station

This is a great option if you are having an event where lots of young couples might be attending.  Kids tend to have accidents at the worst possible time and this will give mom & dad a place to run.

COVID - 19

While several areas in Michigan have been placed under government-mandated restrictions, Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service has consistently been designated as an essential business and as a supplier to essential businesses.

Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service performs services and also supports our customers in performing services that are essential to the health, safety, infrastructure, and security of the nation by providing equipment and services to public works contractors and subcontractors (including for the construction of critical or strategic infrastructure, road work and transportation).   As a result, we are typically exempt from restrictions on travel or work outside the home imposed in connection with COVID-19.

In addition we help to support public health, energy, transportation and logistics, the defense industrial base, electricians, construction crews, and other businesses involved in essential business.   We also help provide equipment and services to customers as they set up COVID-19 testing centers, expand hospital operations and support first responders throughout our service area.

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