Job Site Rentals

Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service provides job site rentals for constructions projects with basic blue porta potty units as well as restroom trailers for longer-term projects.  We can’t showcase every option we have so please reach out and we’ll attempt to accommodate your request.  In addition, we have a few partners for any requests outside our area of expertise.

For job site rentals, we provide the following options:

Standard Porta Potties:  filling your most basic needs

Roof-top Toilets:  bring job site rentals to the most optimal location

Mobile Office Setups:  incorporate toilets and sinks right into your job site rental office

Restroom Trailers:  permanent restrooms for the duration of the build with full flushing units and freshwater sinks

Construction Sites

Portable restrooms are a necessity if you are in the construction or home-building business.   It’s important to think through your requirements for each job and make sure your employees are happy.  

Standard Porta-Potty

This is the standard blue porta potty you typically see at every construction site or neighborhood development.  You can also upgrade to a deluxe unit which comes with a few extras such as a sink or flush-action toilet.

High Rise / Roof Top

These units are designed to be hoisted by crane or elevator into high-rise projects.  Transportability is important, so these units can be smaller or more compact than a standard porta potty.   

Restroom Trailers

Mobile Restroom Trailers are becoming more popular in order to provide fully functional facilities on longer-term projects.   Most units in this category provide flushable toilets and best of all they are climate-controlled giving your workers temporary relief from the weather.

Please give us a call at any of the following numbers based on your location:

Allegan: 269-673-9563
Grand Rapids: 616-538-9299
Kalamazoo: 269-226-0555

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