Event Rentals

Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service is ready to assist you with any party rental need you have planned.   We have simple porta potties ready to go or maybe you need one of our luxury restroom trailer models. 


Weddings are one of our biggest party rental activities of  spring, summer, and fall.  We have White Wedding portable restrooms or luxury restroom trailers for your special day.

Family Reunions

Family Reunions only come every 10 to 20 years and sometimes it’s hard to predict how many guests will show.   If you are planning to do this outdoors, you may want to consider options for portable restrooms.  


Fundraisers can be formal or informal depending upon the cause and we are ready to assist.   Our luxury restroom trailers have all the amenities you would need for hosting any fundraiser in style.


Major holidays can be great family celebrations.   If you are planning a large event around the holiday, please don’t forgot to include a portable toilet or two.

Party Rental


Surprise parties for a 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday can get larger than expected.   If you find your guest list is better than your facilities, call us to discuss our portable restroom rental options.

Open House / Graduations

In Michigan, High School Open Houses can be one of those events which quickly gets bigger than expected.   If you planning yours outdoors, we can assist with portable facilities to ease the foot traffic on your carpet.

Community / Block Party

Neighborhood block parties aren’t as common these days but maybe you have a community BBQ cookout or you are the President of the HomeOwners association.   Two or three portable toilets can go a long way in making your event successful.

Banquet Dinners

Outdoors banquets are fun and usually attract more people than the indoor facilities can handle.   A small bank of portable toilets or a luxury trailer may be in order.

COVID - 19

While several areas in Michigan have been placed under government-mandated restrictions, Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service has consistently been designated as an essential business and as a supplier to essential businesses.

Plumber’s Portable Toilet Service performs services and also supports our customers in performing services that are essential to the health, safety, infrastructure, and security of the nation by providing equipment and services to public works contractors and subcontractors (including for the construction of critical or strategic infrastructure, road work and transportation).   As a result, we are typically exempt from restrictions on travel or work outside the home imposed in connection with COVID-19.

In addition we help to support public health, energy, transportation and logistics, the defense industrial base, electricians, construction crews, and other businesses involved in essential business.   We also help provide equipment and services to customers as they set up COVID-19 testing centers, expand hospital operations and support first responders throughout our service area.

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